Building a deck is the best way to expand your summer living space. A quailty deck should give years of carefree use, at an affordable price. A deck should offer a comfortable space to enjoy the outdoors, weather you are relaxing on a warm evening with a drink or having a family BBQ on a Sunday afternoon.

A deck should be built bigger than you may think. The scale of space outdoors is a lot bigger than inside. The size of the deck should be customized for your needs. Do you have parties, will you be eating on the deck, how about space for cooking or maybe a hot tub is in your future.

Our Experts can help you with your deck plans. Having build thousandšs of feet of decking, we know the došs and donšts of deck building, including local by-laws and codes.

Things to consider when designing a deck
Deck location on property   Will you need shade
Main uses for the deck   Do you need a railing/seating
How much room needed   Real Wood or Composite Plastic
Privacy from street/neighbors   Planters/Plants in plans
Where will the BBQ go    
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