New houses of even modest proportions often sport bathrooms that are, by 1950s and 1960s standards, enormous. His and her sinks, separate shower and tub, a partition built around the commode to ensure greater privacy. Homeowners with older houses that don't have master baths the size of garages can find personal expression and good resale value in throwing out the old, utilitarian look and splurging a little on a look closer to their tastes.

In most bath renovations the sink, toilet and tub stay where they are. But if your present layout is not wotking or a complete redo is in order let the RENOVATOS help you with the new floor plan.

Space is always at a premium in a bath so weither itıs the master bath, a powder room ot the kids bathroom, Let the RENOVATOS help you make the most of your private space.

Possible Bathrom Upgrades
Laminate Flooring   Soaker Tub
Ceramic Flooring   Whirlpool Tub
New Cabinets   Bidet
New Counter Top   Separate Shower Stall
Modern Lighting    
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