There are times when every homeowner feels a little cramped and wishes they had more space. Most people have a vast new living space right under thier feet - the basement.

Todays finished basementıs can be bright and cheery instead of dark and damp. Panelling and flouresents are replaced with drywall and halogens. Your added space can house an office or mabey a workout room, home entertainment theatres or perhaps some extra space to send the kids when you need a break.

Consider the basement is 1/3 to 1/2 of your total house space. Add to this the ever increaisng cost of housing and this hugh space becomes hard to ignore.

Let the RENOVATOS increase your living space without the high cost of moving.

Basement Upgrades
Separate Bathroom   Games Room
Extra Storage   Laminate Flooring
Extra Bedroom   Halogen Lighting
Home Theatre Zone   Double Sink
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